Žar na oglje Kamado Joe Kettle Joe, KJ15040320

Žar na oglje Kamado Joe Kettle Joe, KJ15040320

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You decide if you want to cook:1. With direct heat: coal or iron.2. With indirect calorie: oven.3. At low temperature and very slowly, or at traditional temperatures.4. W... Preberi cel opis
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You decide if you want to cook:1. With direct heat: coal or iron.2. With indirect calorie: oven.3. At low temperature and very slowly, or at traditional temperatures.4. With or without smoke.5. As a railway pot: to make stews in the kamado.6. As a smoker.f you cook below ± 150 ° C, we talk about cooking at low temperature, and consequently you have more time, at ± 100 ° C, there are recipes that are completed in 10-14 hours, it is the authentic "Slow Cooking". And also, choose whether you do it with or without smoke. As a railway pot, it is when the pot is on the grill over the embers, and the reference method for making the stews.Accessories included with this Kamado Joe Kettle Joe:- Top Vent.- Built-in Thermometer.- Folding side Shelves.- 2-Tier Divide & Conquer Cooking System.- Ceramic Firebox.- Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber.- Heavy-Duty Galvanised Steel Rolling Cart & Locking Wheels..Key Features:- Base and Dome made of High Fire Heat Metal.- Glaze made of Heat-Resistand Ceramic Coating.- Top Vent.- Grill Grate made of 304 Stainless Steel.- Fire Box/Ring made of High-Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics.- Cooking Surface: 56 cm of diameter.- Heat Range: 82°C – 371°C.- Handles and Shelves are made of Powdercoated Aluminium.- Hinge made of Full Counter Balanced Steel.- Hyperbolic Insert Teflon Coated Cast Aluminium.- Cart made of Powdercoated Galvanized Steel.- Dimensions with cart: 138.3 cm widex128.4 cm highx64.7 cm deep.- Weight: 56 kg.Warranty:- Limited Lifetime Warranty on Ceramic Parts.- 5 Years Warranty on Metal Parts.- 2 Years on all other parts.

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe.The Kamado, an old BBQ in the Asian style, is a thick-walled oven that gives a rich smoked flavor to meats, fish and vegetables. For centuries almost unchanged, the air flows in a kamado ceramic furnace through its ceramic body and comes out through its ventilated dome, the charcoal is revived, like smoke and heat.Kamado Joe is proud to make use of this tradition, modernizing the style of the classic BBQ with an unrivaled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a series of flexible cooking surfaces. And since our first barbecue, We know that the kamado is more than just an oven, the cooking in a kamado ceramic oven is a way of life. A decade has passed since the beginning of our company, we have realized that we are not the only followers of Kamado Joe who think so. More than the awards, more than the recognition achieved by our ovens and accessories and more than the satisfaction of knowing that our designs perform better than any other available in the market, we have the honor of belonging to a community of people that shares our passion for a truly unique outdoor barbecue experience.It has many advantages, for example you can smoke or not to taste, you can regulate the temperature on the fly as it has never been achieved either in a wood oven or in a traditional kitchen. Due to its design, the distribution of heat is uniform, there are no hot spots. It is much more economical and clean.The Kettle Joe is a versatile kamado perfect for get-togethers with friends. Our Kettle Joe also comes standard with the revolutionary SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber for perfect low-and-slow cooks and re-designed premium cart.Efficient ceramic firebox allows longer cooking times using less charcoal. Open the hinged lid and insert the SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber to smoke at temperatures up to 260°C. Remove the SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber and lower the hinge to grill at temperatures up to 371°C. Folding side shelves allow for a larger prep area while in use and when folded, the versatile side shelves allow for easy storage. Ash drawer allows you to clean the ashes without removing the inside components which results in a quick and easy cleanup.
Žar na oglje Kamado Joe Kettle Joe, KJ15040320
Žar na oglje Kamado Joe Kettle Joe, KJ15040320
649,90 €
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